Meet Our Members — Mckenna Hiller

Name: McKenna Hiller 

Age: 24

Location: Denver, CO

Occupation: CMO for a Luxury Jewelry company 

Favorite Act of Self Care: Daily yoga/stretching

Coffee or Tea Order: Oatmilk cappuccino with cinnamon 

What was the main reason you decided to join The Pretty Naked?
After graduating from college and moving out to Colorado alone, I really lacked community. I had a tough time meeting women I deeply connected with. I decided to try out joining TPN and immediately felt the sense of belonging and community I was lacking. It’s so refreshingly authentic and open. 

What has been the most enjoyable part about becoming a member?
I love the variety of weekly events. They’re all so fruitful in different ways. It’s been amazing to gain perspective through being vulnerable and having a safe space to share and relate openly with people on topics that are “off limits” in the mainstream.

What would you say to someone who is interested in joining, but might feel scared to?
I totally get that fear. Stepping into a new environment, especially a girl group, can seem daunting and overwhelming, but it is SO the opposite. All it takes is showing up to the first meeting. Amanda feels like your best friend right away. Joining is the hardest part, and then everything is immediately wholesome, comfortable and rewarding from there. I’ve never been part of a group with such openness and lack of judgement. Do it. Break down that fear!

Lastly, leave us with an affirmation:
Never settle for a lesser version of yourself. There’s a fire inside of you. Let it out into the world. 

Ready to become a member + connect with womxn like Mckenna? Click here to start your free trial today. We can’t wait to see you at a virtual event!

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