Mindset + Wellness Coaching

So you’re struggling to find sustainability & consistency with “living a healthy lifestyle.” 

You’ve tried all the diets, the 8-week fitness programs, the 30 day meal plans, & you’re struggling to find a solution that delivers both results and longevity. You are desperately seeking a way to let go of that restrictive mindset around food & fitness, to break habits that you know are no longer serving you, & to start truly feeling & looking like your most joyful, healthy self. 

Let’s first break down my definition of health.

Health is not boiled down to eating clean & going to the gym. Health is about feeling joyful, empowered, satisfied, & confident. It’s about unlearning what diet culture & the toxic wellness industry has told us about being “healthy” and redefining it from a holistic viewpoint. 

In my opinion, our bodies look their best when we feel our best mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually. And so I take a holistic approach to helping my clients both look + feel good. 

I know first hand that when we solely focus on nutrition & movement, we may get temporary results, but it’s not something we can maintain long term. Through years of personal experience struggling with SIBO, hormone imbalance, binge eating, a toxic relationship to the gym, and constant yo-yo dieting, I am a walking testament of the idea that where our attention goes, energy flows. In other words, whatever our current mindset is around health & wellness is going to continue to perpetuate until we do something to change it (meaning if you have a poor mindset around food or body image, those things are going to continue being your reality until you learn how to shift it). That’s why my program focuses heavily on shifting your mindset first so that we can start breaking the habits that we’ve developed, and then begin implementing holistic wellness tools to help you feel & look your best. 

As an Institute for Integrative Nutrition certified holistic health coach & NASM certified personal trainer, I believe in taking into account your unique body, mind, and soul when we work together — meaning that I understand that everyone & every body is different. My offerings are designed to deliver a personalized approach to achieving your individual need, want, goal, & transformation so that you can really step into your most joyful, healthy self. 

Throughout my coaching programs, I teach you how to use these holistic tools to transform your mind, body, & soul: 
  • Joyful Movement
  • Quality Nutrition
  • Self Care Rituals For Stress Reduction
  • Optimizing Gut Health
  • Healing Your Hormones
  • Habit Checking
  • Mindset Shifts
  • The Power Of Community
  • Tapping Into & Honoring Your Intuition
  • The Basics of Holistic Health


1:1 Coaching

A holistic & personalized 4-month mindset + wellness coaching program for wellness curious women that focuses on mindset shifts, habit checking, & implementation of holistic wellness tools. For the gal that wants a long-term, sustainable solution to feeling + looking her best.

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1:1 80 Minute Drop In Coaching Call

This is for anyone who feels overall confident in their whole body health, but have one or two things they still feel like they need more guidance on. Get your questions answered & leave with a PDF chalk-full of recommendations, guidance, & actionable steps to apply on your own time.

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Group Coaching

A 12-week group container for wellness curious & growth-seeking women that utilizes weekly learning modules & group coaching calls to help you step into a more joyful, healthy version of yourself.

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