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My signature 4-month holistic mindset + wellness coaching program focuses on mindset shifts, habit checking, & implementation of holistic wellness tools.

This is for wellness curious women who are struggling with their relationship around wellness. Who might have a warped view of nutrition and movement. Who have negative, self-limiting beliefs to work through. Who want to break habits around wellness + mindset that are no longer serving them. 

In my program, I will help you understand that stress is the cause of all disease + disregulation in the body and that all change begins in the mind, with our habits, & through acknowledging which holistic wellness tools actually work for us. This is for anyone who is looking for a long-term, sustainable solution to wellness & ready to do the work.

Imagine what it would feel like if you:

  • No longer felt stressed, guilty, or worried around food.
  • Developed a relationship with movement that honored your intuition, delivered results, & felt sustainable.
  • Felt empowered walking through the grocery store knowing what is nourishing & what isn’t.
  • Finally broke the old habits you’ve been trying to kick for years.
  • Learned how to heal your gut & balance your hormones.
  • Didn’t ever have to think about dieting or losing weight again.
  • Let go of your self-limiting beliefs to step into your fullest potential.
  • Discovered how to listen to your body & truly understand its cravings. 
  • Showed up as your most confident, joyful self because you finally feel healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, & spiritually.

Here's How It Works

Month 1

Getting to know your goals, habits, mindset, & roadblocks. This is where we'll lay the groundwork & uncover the "why" behind your current health, as well as discuss the Circle Of Life as a way to measure growth.

Month 2

This month we're diving into quality nutrition, the concept of primary vs. secondary foods, supplementation, & gut + hormone health. We'll also have our pantry workshop where I teach you how to read nutrition labels & find healthy alternatives.

Month 3

Here is where we'll get into the idea of intuitive, joyful movement and how you can redefine your view of fitness. We'll also discuss the importance of self care rituals & manifestation so that you can begin utilizing the tools that will help guide you towards your goals.

Month 4

Moving past the program. My goal isn't to be your forever coach — it's to empower you with the knowledge + tools you need to maintain the habits, progress, & long-term results we've built together. This last month is where we'll discuss your progress & work on whatever else needs more attention before wrapping up & graduating from the program.

Ready to Invest in a more joyful, healthier you?

I am currently booking clients for my SEPTEMBER 2022 program. 

In addition to having access to me as your coach, you’ll also receive: 
  • 2 Coaching Calls per month (8 total, not including our first onboarding call) + an optional 30 minute check in call each month (3 op)
  • Mon-Fri Text Or Voxer support 10:30 am-5:30 PM MST
  • One Pantry Workshop 
  • Presentations on Core Principles of the Program
  • Follow-Up Emails after every call with Actionable Steps + Journaling Reflections.
  • Curated Meal Ideas, Recipes, Grocery Lists, Movement Schedules, and/or PDF Guides
  • Free Membership To The Pretty Naked During Program with FULL Access
  • Post Program Maintenance Plan
  • Option to bump up to my PREMIUM package which includes an annual TPN membership & an additional monthly 60 minute call (+ $800)

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